Year End Awards

Thank you SmartPak for the lovely bridles and Monomoy Horse and Dog and The Cape Equestrian for the beautiful basket for Molly, the high score for 3 schooling shows!!

The 2016 competition is finished. Went by so quickly. We hope everyone is enjoying 2016’s holiday season and wish everyone a happy and healthy 2017.

We are pleased to announce the 2016 Award winners, and wish to thank SmartPak for their donation of 6 bridles. Planned to give the award to the high scoring junior at each schooling show, but had a rider that was high score at 3 shows. Therefore, we added the high scoring junior from the 2 recognized shows. Congratulations to all!!

Schooling Shows

Molly Scwekheimer on Meet Joe Black – April – Intro A,  71.250, June – Intro B, 69.375,

October – Intro A, 69.688 

Katie Bonarrigo on Simple Vested – July – Pre Elementary, 75.313 

Sydney Cirafice on My Little Rock Star – August Intro B, 75.000 

Sarah Allison on Estatico Santana – November- Intro A, 71.875 

Recognized Shows 

Isabella Thorpe on Reina – May – 3-1,  65.758 

Anna Douglas on Full Tilt – September – 1-1, 70.370 

Thank You,

 Dave Beland and PJ Archambeault