Due to Massachusetts Governor Charlie Bakers emergency order that businesses  that do not provide “COVID-19 Essential Services”  must close their workplaces and facilities to nonessential individuals.  We must sadly suspend riding lessons and truck in riders until April 7th at noon.  

Thank you for your understanding.

Dave Beland and Donna Winters

Beginner through advanced lessons in Dressage and Hunt Seat. Wendy Rigby, a USDF Silver Medalist is the resident instructor and trainer.

Schooling on the grounds is available, for a $20 truck in fee per horse with no instructor.  There is an additional $20 outside instructor fee per student, per lesson. Please call in advance to let us know.

LESSON/TRAINING  RATES Effective September, 2013

A lesson cancelled without 24 hour notice must be paid in full, unless it can be rescheduled within 5 days.

We realize that some students are more independent. We appreciate that fact, and would like to recognize that it is a big help to us. Therefore, we have established two rates based on the capability of the student. Capability is determined by the instructor.

Independent student – Able to retrieve the horse/pony from turn out or stall as needed, able to groom, tack and be on time for their scheduled lesson. This will be checked by the instructor. After the lesson, the horse/pony must be untacked, groomed and turned out or put in their stall, as needed. Must clean and put away tack and equipment, and clean up their work area. If a student does not meet the Independent student requirements for a lesson, they must pay the additional fee.

Assisted student – Requires assistance to prepare the horse/pony before and after the lesson. We are happy to work with you as part of a lesson to become an independent student, if desired.

Monthly packages for lessons and training are available. for our boarders.


Independent student      1/2 hr  –  $40,  3/4 hr – $50,  1 hr  – $60

Assisted student              1/2 hr  –  $45,   3/4 hr – $55,  1 hr  –  $65

SEMI-PRIVATE – Per student – must come together and be able to ride off the lunge line (maximum 3 students).

Independent student      1/2 hr  –  $25,   3/4 hr – $35,  1 hr  –  $45

Assisted student              1/2 hr  –  $30,   3/4 hr – $40,  1 hr  –  $50

PRACTICE RIDES – Scheduled in advance. Rider must approved by instructor as an Independent student.

Per session                        1/2 hr –  $20,   3/4 hr  – $30,  1 hr  –  $40