TOM NOONE – International Dressage competitor and Bronze, Silver and Gold Medalist Tom Noone is available for lessons and training on your horse.  Tom has trained many horses to the FEI levels through Grand Prix.  He is a kind teacher always respectful of horse and rider.  Call him for details at 781-983-3528.

WENDY RIGBY – USDF Bronze, Silver and Gold Medalist is the resident instructor and trainer.  She teaches beginner through advanced lessons in Dressage, Western Dressage and Hunt Seat.  Call 508-947-6982 or Email wendy@belandstables.com.

OUTSIDE INSTRUCTOR – Outside instructors are welcome. Facility fee $20. Must be scheduled in advance.  Call 508-947-6982 or Email dave@belandstables.com.

TRUCK IN – Facility fee $20.  Scheduled in advance Call 508-947-6982 or Email dave@belandstables.com.  

PRIVATE HORSE LESSON RATES – (1/2 hr = $40) (3/4 hr = $50) (1 hr = $60)

SCHOOL HORSE LESSON RATES – Lessons cancelled without 24-hour notice must be paid in full, unless rescheduled within 5 days.  There are 2 rates:

  1. Independent student – Able to: retrieve the horse from turn out or stall, groom & tack for the lesson, untack, turn out or put in their stall, as needed, clean and put away tack, clean up their work area. 
  2. Assisted student Additional $5/lesson – Requires assistance to prepare the horse/pony before and after the lesson. We are happy to work with you as part of a lesson to become an independent student, if desired.

PRIVATE LESSON  – ( 1/2 hr = $50)  (3/4 hr=$65)  (1 hr=$75)

SEMI-PRIVATE LESSON – Must be independent students, committing to riding together and able to walk/trot/canter off the lunge line (max 2 students). Per student  (1/2 hr= $40)  (3/4 hr=$50) (1 hr=$60).

SCHOOL HORSE PRACTICE RIDES – Scheduled in advance. Rider must be approved by instructor as an independent student able to ride safely and handle the horse on their own.  Per session (1/2 hr=$30) (3/4 hr=$35, (1 hr=$40)